Judi Slot King88bet. Jakarta – Tajur game slot Halang Authorities apprehended a boy with the initials ZI (19) that was captured selling medications on list G in Kalisuren Town, Tajur Halang, Bogor Rule. Aside from arresting the defendant, the Tajur Authorities seized numerous List G medications. RTP Live King88bet

RTP Live King88bet . Tajur Halang Chief, Inspector Tamar Bekti, said the raid began with information regarding the sale of medications on list G at a grocery store delay. King88bet Slot Link

King88bet Slot Link. Tamar discussed that the Tajur game slot Authorities asked the vendor to remove all the List G medications kept in the shop. The Tajur Authorities also inspected all edges of the shop which was thought of being a place to store list G medications. RTP Live King88bet

King88bet Slot Link . “We found that there were numerous items ready to be sold to prospective buyers without using a doctor’s prescription,” discussed Tamar. RTP Live King88bet

The sale of List G medications is considered to violate the regulations because it’s not a drug store or offers medications that have a main allow. From the seller’s hands, Sukmajaya Authorities found 20 strips of Tri-X, 89 strips of Tramadol, and 320 Eximer. King88bet Slot Link

“One remove is composed of several items, so we seized quite a great deal of List G medications,” said Tamar. King88bet Slot Link

Tamar exposed that the List G medications sold by the defendant were often demanded by teenagers. This medication is mistreated by teenagers, triggering unfavorable impacts on teenagers.

Judi Slot King88bet

“This medication can make the user obtain high, sometimes triggering confidence leading to dedicating a criminal offense,” said Tamar. Judi Slot King88bet

The Tajur Halang game slot Authorities will reduce the circulation

of List G medications and narcotics in the territory of the Tajur Halang . Tamar requested the community’s energetic role in providing

information if they find indicators that the sale of List G medications isn’t appropriate for sale or intended use.

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